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Complex, Commercially Viable Part-Making

5-axis machining at IMG

The 5-axis machines we use at IMG welcome medium and large parts, and the work is completed faster and with higher quality thanks to simultaneous 5-axis milling and turning capability. If you have a complex part that you want to machine, talk to IMG. You’ll get open, clear and long-term manufacturing plans that meet stringent tolerances and commercial targets.

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High Throughput, Remarkable Accuracy

High speed vertical FANUC robodrills

It’s easy to put a design on paper, but it can be tough (and costly) to turn it into a real-world part. Thankfully, the staff at IMG offers designing-for-manufacture insight that reduces the overall cost. And with ultra high speed robodrills—24,000 RPM spindle speeds and 2,800 IPM travel rates—our quick work lowers that cost even more.

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Any Item, Any Shape, Any Configuration

Milling and turning equipment at IMG

Our comprehensive roster of milling and turning equipment (featuring rotary tables and plenty of 5-axis capability) means we can manufacture any part you want us to make. IMG maintains full manufacturing support from prototype through production, and digital photographs of every important setup ensure identical production for every run.

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A Better Welding Process

TIG/MIG welding at IMG

With state-of-the-art equipment, journeyman welders and the support of a world-class machine shop, our tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding expertise shines through in every job.

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World-Leading E-Beam Welding

Electron beam welding at IMG

Combined with our partners at Applied Fusion, we have perfected the art of electron beam welding. If your part requires it, you won’t find a better option on the planet.

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Attention to Detail

Assembly and testing at IMG